Please Your Guests By Introducing Indian Wedding Innovative Ideas

Everybody in India wishes to make the wedding to be an event that everybody will remember for life. Well, some people think that big fat weddings requires huge amount of money to be spent. The thought seems to be irrelevant if you can brainstorm some innovative ideas to make the wedding happening and a memorable occasion. Just by adding some fascinating and exciting elements in the wedding celebration can make it look grand and quirky.

Kickstart the celebration with special Indian wedding invitations

The first impression of the wedding for the guests is offered through the Indian wedding invitations, which have to be creative and extraordinary. It is important that you give out a poster of the main wedding theme through your cards. If you are going for a typical traditional wedding, you can simply go for the vintage style wedding cards. On the other hand, if you are planning a modern and chic wedding then a colourful and fun card will be a perfect match.

People overlook the importance of wedding cards in the hush and rush of the celebrations, which can even hurt the sentiments of some people. Be it a contemporary or an old fashion wedding, beautiful wedding cards when handed over to the guests will bring the love and blessings from the beginning of the event.

Indian Wedding Innovative Ideas

Steal some unique ideas of wedding from experts!

  • Snacks and drinks: A lot of guests at the wedding look forward to the food served. You can present it in a special manner which can impress the guests right away. Serving Indian chats in western glasses like martini can be a superb idea to apply. Interesting food elements like choco fountain, pop corns, drinks in coffee mugs and vice versa, can be something beguiling and special.
  • Fun photography session: This should be a must in your wedding. Installing a photo booth at the wedding will be a magnet for a lot of guests. You can even have interesting props such as big goggles, placards, ribbons, and even some sexy elements for the fun. These pictures will prove to be the best memory for life not just for the couple but for all the guests.
  • Music: Indians love Bollywood music at the weddings, so ignoring the fact can spoil the mood of the guests. Before the wedding date, you need to make a play list of all the dance songs from Bollywood.

Decoration and entertainment: everlasting memory

The décor of the wedding venue should be interesting and match with the wedding theme. When the ambience of the venue is comfortable, guests will love to stay for long. Moving on to the entertainment part, never compromise with anything! Try to have dance platforms, music, photography and such interesting elements so that the guests don’t feel bored.

Have you ever thought about return gifts to the guests? Well, it can be a kind gesture to thank them for attending your wedding, helping you out, and in giving love to you!

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