Tamil Wedding Photography

Tamil Wedding Photography

A traditional affair

Photography is all about spontaneity

The bride and the groom cannot be everywhere all the time. And when the wedding ceremony is a lengthy affair, they are bound to miss out on quite a few things, simply because they have so much to attend to. This is where the wedding photographers take charge. They make sure to click the right photographs, at the right time, leaving behind a beautiful experience captured through photographs.

Wedding culture of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is one of the largest states of India. Its culture is expressed in art, dance, music, traditions and literature. Tamil weddings are not very ostentatious, although they are held on a large scale, with distant relatives and friends coming down to bless the couple. This is because Tamilians pay special attention to their customs and traditions. Tamil weddings are usually held at temples, banquet halls, and sometimes, outdoors.

The best wedding photographer in town!

Salim Khan Photography is a unit of wedding photographers in Mumbai, who have a considerable experience documenting a vast array of weddings in India. With the majority of wedding photographers in Tamil Nadu providing the same package, we go out of our way to give you something new and unique. Tamil weddings being a grand celebration, the wedding photographer has to be highly adept, grabbing every opportunity to click photographs creatively. Salim Khan is the driving force behind SK Photography. With his passion and sheer will, he has turned SK Photography into one of the finest Tamil wedding photography teams. With so much happening around everywhere, it is important to seize the moods of the people, which later become part of a celebrated journey of the bride and groom, documented in the wedding album. It is every girl’s dream to look her very best on her wedding day, and to see the look on the groom’s face when she enters the wedding hall. Who could understand it better than a photographer! Our job is to give you the very best shots of your wedding day, filled with creativity and imagination.

Your wish is our command

Our team will be at your service from the onset of the wedding ceremonies, till the very end. We know planning a wedding, whether large scale or not, can be emotionally draining for both the bride and groom, as well as their families. But, wedding photography is one aspect we can assure you have nothing to worry about. We will discuss every detail of our working with you beforehand, so that the wedding function goes by smoothly. We are fully committed in making your wedding day extra special!

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