Sonam and Pankaj’s Wedding Portfolio

Sonam and Pankaj’s wedding was perhaps the simplest we have covered in the last two years of our existence. A humble court marriage followed by a lunch(not even a reception). Sonam began her day getting ready at her humble home(All photographs you see of her getting ready and portraits are shot at her house), we were gleaming with our smiles look at her charm, we knew right then, we are going to create some beautiful and colourful portraits.

Moving on, the rest of these Documents you see below are a tale of their journey, the happiness of coming together agains all odds, making it a reality, these documents are a testimony of how sentimental the entire ceremony was.

I would leave you with a thought: While the trend these days is of “Smoke Bombs,  Hearts, slates, Flowers etc”, it is these fleeting moments that comprise your beautiful day, while we respect the varied requirements, we firmly believe that you are not marrying him because he is holding a heart in his hand saying I love you! One the contrary, it is the struggle, it is the feeling, it is the love itself that brought you together and kept you together!

Happy viewing.

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