Sikh Panjabi Wedding Photography


Because photographs last a lifetime:

The day of one’s wedding is often described as the most significant day in one’s life. It is indicative of new beginnings and a lifetime of commitment. What makes a wedding memorable for all the years to come is photography. Wedding Photography is an art of capturing every facet of a holy matrimony in a way that it brings with it unfelt emotions with each review. While moments pass, memories linger on. It is through wedding photographs that these fond memories can be cherished and relived over and over again.

Big fat Punjabi Weddings:

Punjabis are known all across the globe for not only their large appetites, but also their big hearts. They are known to enjoy every bit of their lives to the fullest and hence Punjabi weddings guarantee several days of sheer fun and excitement. Celebrations begin with the roka ceremony and go on till the final day when the couple enters into a bond of a lifetime by taking laava (phere) in the Gurudwara. The traditions and celebrations are testimony of unconditional love and support that the couple pledges for each other. Punjabi weddings exhibit a symbiosis of grandeur and happiness in the best possible manner.

About SK photography:

Our close knit unit specializes in wedding photography. Salim Khan , the founder of Salim Khan Photography, is one of the most respected wedding photographers in the country. He has been passionate about photography since childhood, and it is because of his hard work and dedication that SK Photography has reached such great heights! Our services include Punjabi wedding couple photography, wedding portraits.

Why us:

Our team specializes in Punjabi wedding photography and has made its presence felt in several Sikh weddings. We settle for nothing but the best when it comes to delivering superior value to our customers. The photographs shall be clicked by photographers, highly trained in Sikh wedding photography, who shall solely aim at ensuring that every picture brings a smile to your face each time you see it. We value your emotions associated with this unforgettable juncture in your life. Your memories are as important to us as to you. And thus, compromising on quality is out of the question. Choose us, the best Punjabi wedding couples photography, for a lifetime of happy memories.

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