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Your wedding can be the most spectacular experience of your life. Right from finding the perfect wedding outfit, to managing all the details, from having your bridezilla moments, to all the sleepless nights, it is all worth it, when you have found your soul mate. Your wedding experience is one of a kind, so special that you want to preserve it all your life. That is why wedding photographers are chosen with utmost care.

Bonds of Christian matrimony

Christian authorities view marriage as the most intimate of human relationships, and a sacred institution. Christian customs may be diverse across distinct sects of the community. However, primarily most families follow a set of traditions and rituals such as commencing preparations by arranging a premarital counseling session with the pastor. Traditional Christian weddings are a treat to the eye with ethereal set-ups, subtle yet mesmerizing décor and transcendental emotions. Every facet of the wedding, from the chanting by priest to the music being played, is reflective of a tribute to the glory of The Almighty. The near and dear ones of the bride and groom are witnesses to the pious union. Catholics are believed to be more stringent while solemnizing the bond of matrimony as compared to other Christians. The wedding garners immense significance from the bridesmaids and bridegrooms, who not only play the role of supporters in the act but also guarantee the couple’s unconditional love for each other.

Your go-to wedding photographer

We, at Salim Khan Photography are a team of experts in wedding photography. Salim Khan, the mastermind behind SK photography is very well versed in wedding photography. We offer our specialized services for both Christian and Catholic wedding photography. Salim Khan has had the opportunity to document innumerable Christian weddings. He is attuned to all the fine workings of the wedding, and his photographs are a surreal mix of reality and fantasy.

Our promise

Wedding photography and choosing the right kind of photographer can be one of the major concerns for the couple. We, as a team, will make sure you will not regret your decision by choosing us to capture your nuptials. We will work hard and put in all our efforts to make you feel exceptional, to make your wedding album nothing short of a treasure, which you would want to preserve for ages to come!

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