Candid Wedding Photographer in Kolkata

Candid Wedding Photographer in Kolkata


Salim Khan is a wedding photographer that loves the loving and sweet culture of Kolkatta. We, his creative team are known for our detailed photography with a hint of emotions that help you recreate the occasion every time you flip through your wedding album or play your wedding film.

How do we see weddings?

People say weddings happen once in a lifetime but we say they last forever. How? Our pictures spin a story- the sweet romance of two families. We freeze these memories for you so that this once in an era moment can be relived countless number of times by both the families. For us the key to candid photography is capture the Kolkatta wedding bride and groom at their natural best.

The Dream

It has always been on a girl’s wish list to wear her dream outfit and capture her groom’s reaction when he sees her for the first time on their special day. And oh yes! We are listening and on it. Your ride into this new journey will be emo-captured into a spectacular and magnificent film. The sweet chuckles, the beautiful traditions, the sangeet dance, the splendid decorations, pretty cousins and helpful friends, all the quotients of your day presented by us, stored for years to come. It is your love story and we will help you create and recreate magic through every picture and every shot from your beautiful day.

Who wants to forget this day? Nobody. And who wants to hold these memories? We all raise our hands high up in the sky. We all want to save these special celebrations because eyes can’t take photographs and mind can’t shoot a film- that is where we come into the picture. Bengali weddings are seeped into customs and highly vibrant. It is not a celebration but a festival that we enjoy with rhythmic ululation.

Our promise

Unlike the wedding photographers in Kolkata we understand the prominence of these shots and celebrations. The emotional happy wave captured by our candid wedding photographers in Kolkata bring a special touch of dreamlike reality in front of you through our practice. The sense of light, the years of experience, stable hands and the masters of creativity- we the team promise to bring out a great showcase of a picture story told in every snap and video. We give our assurance to capture every element which is memory worthy.

We love when adorable couples say they will live happily ever after because every time they say these lines, we know that we were a part of their magical reunion and have transformed their wedding occasions in our pictures. We love to see that smile spring up every time they reminisce their day with our work.

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