Best Candid Wedding Photographer in Chennai

Best Candid Wedding Photographer in Chennai


The wedding fairy tale

We all are familiar with fairy tales that end with a happily ever after. We want our lives to be exactly like this- Dreamlike and our weddings to be cherished and remembered for years to come. If you are looking for a good wedding photographer in Chennai who helps stories like these come to life through his lens, then you at the perfect stop. We are a team of talented photographers that help craft your stories in pictures and we love imagining those wonderful smiles that spring up every time we take you back to your wedding day. This is what differentiates us from the other candid photographers in Chennai.

Our promise

You will find minute details in every shot we capture from blissful morning weddings in Chennai to lavish wedding receptions in the evening. Chennai weddings swirl around simplicity and the beauty reflects in their customs. We promise you that every emotion, every moment and every ritual will be highlighted through our experienced lens and will be your happy memories for many years to come. They say weddings are true love stories that never end and we indulge on this thought and we transport you back in time when you had your kalyanam done and yes we did capture that small tear rolling down your cheek when you looked into each other’s eyes after the world tied you together into the most powerful relationship of marriage.

From the interims of laughter to hushed moments, from children running to elderly love praising the couple, from expressive parents to enthusiastic friends, from the beginning of the priest’s chants to completion of love with a kiss- all these special moments from your big day will be filmed with affection. Yes, we know you expect all of this from wedding photographers in Chennai, but we promise to add spark and life to all your pictures. Our reach and lens loves the entire country, so wherever you take the oath, we follow you to capture this magical day.

Our magic- Experience

Our years of experience, light play and sensitive touch of emo-capturing vision bring together an amalgamation of a sweet wedding story filmed and captured in motion so that you can relive your big day over and over again. You know what stays forever other than your relationship, the reminiscence and nostalgia that throws you back through our wedding photography.

On your wedding day everybody wishes for a beautiful tomorrow and we present you with a beautiful present from your past to your future where you can revisit your special day every time you flip through your pictures or watch yourselves as a bride and groom again. We, think your search for candid wedding photographers in Chennai ends here.

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