Candid Wedding Photographers in Chandigarh

Candid Wedding Photographers in Chandigarh


How do you want your wedding to look like?

To- be- Mr and Mrs. Yes! You, who are reading this piece of our work in words. Now imagine, you dressed in your designer outfit walking down towards your groom with everybody’s eyes set on you. How does it feel? Butterflies in your stomach? And you mister dressed to give any Bollywood hero a run for his money waiting for his heroine to step up and give their film a happy ending. How happy do you feel? Makes you jump, right? And if you are planning your wedding in the liveliest place in India, you need to have a brilliant wedding photographer in Chandigarh and a team of candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh. And so here we are- Salim Khan Photography to capture this joy, this attention and so much love through our lens. Our wedding service has no territorial bonds and we create magic through our videos and pictures that look straight out from a Karan Johar movie.

Straight out from a festival

Bright lights, entertaining music, energetic dance, great food, happy relatives and vibrant friends- wedding in Chandigarh are known for their extravaganza and lavish events. Yes and we do know your weddings embrace multiple events that make this entire occasion a grand festival to celebrate. So here we are with a promise to not miss a single detail, event, behind the scenes and occasion of this special day of your life. Our rendition of your wedding will be as lively as your marriage so that every emotion and every moment can be lived again by you.

We Capture

Your wedding is a wonderful memory that you want to preserve for lifetime. And we wish that we can freeze on this time. This can be done by wedding photographers in Chandigarh. We dream to look like superstars in our marriage where the whole world waits for us and celebrates the union of two souls. All celebrations and dances will look movie-like on your wedding. We capture the moments of today that will wow the seeds of tomorrow. Your scanning for candid photographers in Chandigarh that use their brilliant experience, steady hands and eye for detail to capture every aspect of your wedding piece by piece in the form of videos and photographs ends while you read this article and flip through our work done across India in the past.

When we capture smiles on your wedding day, we know we are also capturing smiles that will form when you go through your pictures and videos from your wedding day. We help make your weddings special by emo-capturing it through our lens.

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