Top Candid Wedding Photographer in Bangalore

Top Candid Wedding Photographer in Bangalore

Where dreams come true!

Traditional photography is so passé!

Gone are the days where the wedding photographer would document every move of the couple, following them everywhere, giving creativity a total miss. A wedding can be the most exhilarating experience in a person’s life, and every couple wishes to remember more than just the pictures from their wedding day. They want to preserve the entire journey. This is where candid photography comes into picture. A candid picture means that the person is not aware that he’s being clicked, resulting in natural and impromptu shots, and at the same time, capturing all the right emotions and expressions.

The Wedding Scene

Cosmopolitan Bengaluru, popularly known as the city of gardens, is a melting pot of different cultures. Its young, hip and adventurous couples do not shy away from trying the latest trends. There has been a mad surge of quirky weddings, and the latest bug to bite these sweethearts is candid wedding photography.

Candid wedding photography is all about being imaginative and spontaneous. The photographer should know when, and how to capture the right moments, at the right time. We, at Salim Khan Photography know how to blend in the ceremony, without being obtrusive, and click the perfect shots.

A Master Storyteller

SK Photography, lead by Salim Khan, is a team of wedding photographers situated in Mumbai, who are experts in shooting a vast variety of weddings in all the possible locations of the country. Having gained a foothold in wedding photography in Bangalore, Salim Khan today is one of the most sought after candid wedding photographers in Bangalore. While there may not be a dearth of wedding photographers in Bangalore, there are a few experts who can document the entire wedding into a storytelling process, right from the introduction to building up the climax. Salim Khan is of those very few! Having mastered the art of documentary photography, he provides you the complete package. For every couple, the entire wedding frenzy goes by in a jiffy, and it is highly unlikely that they will remember all the nitty gritties. This is where we, Salim Khan Photography, come in. We capture each shot in such an artistic and aesthetic way, you will feel like you are reliving your wedding!

Committed to make your day special

We lay special emphasis on getting to know the families, and the bride and groom, so as to develop a sense of comfort with them. A separate meeting is also held with the couple, to know if they have any specific requirements. Having umpteen satisfied clients, we take immense pleasure in making your day the most unforgettable one of your life. We truly believe that your wedding album should not merely be a collation of photographs, but an insight to your wedding day, it should be the stuff that dreams are made of, to be cherished forever and passed on to future generations to see. So, if you’re a couple looking for a candid photographer in Bangalore to document your wedding, then Salim Khan Photography is the place to be!

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