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Wedding is one of the most special and auspicious day for every couple. People dream and plan for making the day nowhere less than a fairy tale. There are a lot of preparations required for executing a proper dreamland wedding and pre-wedding photography is an important part of the same. In the past few years, the concept of pre-wedding photo shoot has become very popular.

There are some photographers who charge additional amount for executing pre-wedding photography while some offer it as a part of the complete wedding package. Photo shoot can be performed either on indoor or outdoor locations based on budget and theme.

Let’s take look on some of the reasons that compel couples to opt for pre wedding photography.

Enquire About the Photographer: First and the foremost step is to know about the wedding photographer, this helps in establishing understanding which further leads to better exchange of ideas.

Brainstorm the Ideas: Clearly explains the photographer about your likings and expectations. Ask the photographer about his/her ideas because they are experienced people and give good suggestions for making the Big Day really Big.

Go Natural: Indian wedding photo shoot is done when bride and groom wore heavy makeup and jewelry, hence, for Indian pre wedding photography it is highly recommended to keep the look as natural as possible. This gives variation to the whole wedding photography

Creative pre wedding photography

Performing pre wedding photo shoot is great fun. Planning is very important for making the photo shoot a success, plan beforehand about the venue and concept of photo shoot. These days theme based creative pre wedding photography is very much in trend. Some of the popular pre wedding photography themes are fairy tale, princess, dreamland, traditional, super hero and so on. Couples can mutually decide which theme to opt for.

There are some people who print their pre wedding pictures on the invitation card. This is not the end; the pictures can also be used creating a slide show that will be played at the time of wedding ceremony or reception.

For having the best pre wedding photography sit and plan about all the pre wedding photo shoot in detail. Share your budget and ideas with the photographer and ask for suggestions. Being a professional photographer can give better ideas. Before proceeding with the photo shoot both couples and photographer should mutually agree on the theme, location and other details of the shoot.8

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