SALIM KHAN-A "Fearless Photographer"

From a Computer Science graduate, to an Investment Banker and finally to a Photographer! It has been quite a journey, tackling the challenges of leaving a high paying job to start a brand new venture, with almost nothing in hand, just Belief, Passion and determined Will to make it! Our journey hasn't been easy, least to say...From staying true to creating "Highly Documentary" photographs while tackling with the "Contemporary Gimmicks", making people realize what true memories are, what they comprise, how should they be, how should they make you has taken us quite a while on this journey, and I am still on it... Besides that, I like fancy titles, nothing about me is fancy otherwise. I am probably the one who stands out with a big smile on my face, meet me once and I will befriend you for life. Apart from all the above, I excel in clicking beautiful moments in weddings, creating and crafting some of the funniest, craziest, love filled, intimate moments and I being a Documentary Photographer(We have dedicated a whole section to explain what that means), I pretty much hit the nail on its head. Ohh, one more thing. I lead a team of Highly Creative Artists who excel in Photography and Cinematography.

SACHIN - Photographer/Director

Sachin and I go a long way back, we practically began together. Initially, Sachin joined as a traditional photographer in the team, but was always eager and hungry to learn the art of Documentary Photogarphy! And now? Well, if you follow us on Instagram, you would know what he creates. He truly leads our team in my absence and takes care of every situation calmly and makes the best out of what is provided. Sachin is an intrinsic part of our family we call Salim Khan Photography:)

RAMAN - Cinematographer / Director

I call him, the quite mouse, one of my brides dared him to say "words". You can quote me on that. He is the "no nonsense with my work" type of fellow. It intrigues me how he manages to shoot footages which every single time prove pivotal in the wedding film, he always gives you the cake and the icing over it…He never leaves any stone unturned, perhaps that is why I trust him with the critical task of Directing the video

CHIRANJEEVI - Photographer

A single minded dedicated artist, Chiru is one serious fellow(Truly), most times, he would be shy around people, at times one needs to shake him up to get him to open up. Nothing of that sort applies to his Photography though. His work speaks for himself and he is extremely expressive when it comes to creating photographs out of absolutely nothing!

He makes me proud, not only because he is what he is, but there are times when he exceeds my expectations and to a tutor is the highest achievement.

AKSHAY - Photographer

Akshay joined Salim Khan Photography as an Intern a year ago, and since then has come up the curve very quickly. From just a kid playing around the camera to an accomplished photographer, he has come a long way. A very soft spoken character, he is always vigilant to happenings around(That’s how he spots moments and creates photographs). Always looking to improvise and make the best of the available situations, he is the creative one in the team. Ideas flow through his mind effortlessly and it only takes a look from him to figure out how to click a photograph! Proud to have him in the team.

ROHAN - Photographer

Rohan is one of our Photographer Intern who we have shortlisted to be our next in line Photographer within the next 6 months, and hence he is featured here with us. Rohan is a student currently pursuing final year BMS from Mumbai University.

AMOL - Cinematographer

"The Talkative one", it is pretty obvious I would say something like that, but as much cliche as it sounds, it is also true. He keeps all of us alive with his jokes, if you find a laughing out loud bridal portrait, you know who was the reason behind the laughter…and that is "Always" the case. Amol also works as a cinematographer for Marathi Movies and Music Videos, he is the kinds who would never settle and keep looking to do better by the day.

SANA - Editor

Sana is our Video Editor. She excels in Cinematic video editing and is an ardent hunter of exotic songs(Or exotic versions of known songs). She is a complete and well rounded Video Editor who is willing to learn, always. When Sana joined us, she was already an accomplished video editor, but then again, Documentary is a different ball game completely! So, needless to say, I had to train her(Finicky me:P). Since joining us, Sana has seen the Documentary Aspect to her work grow sharply and has always been on an upward curve. From me critising every minute of her editing to telling her, “This is your best work” we both have come a long way.

ANOLI - Editor

Anoli is our Photo Editor. When, Anoli joined us, she was strictly instructed to keep typical and false colours at bay. I wanted a sincere editor who would do justice to our work. I am strictly against excessive colouring or adding filters to the photographs. I believe it takes away the natural and timeless  charm out of it. And Anoli fitted the bill. One trial assignment and she was taken aboard. So should you know, I chose her from 200+ editing artists. That is how good her sincerity towards her work was which made us select her.

SONALI - Photographer

Sonali joined us as an Intern with 10 others, and I am proud to say that she is the only one from them who crossed the line to become a Photographer with first 6 months of training, undergoing gruesoms(:P) sessions, learning in live scenarios. She had already created some breathtaking documentary photographs while still as an intern. Now, as a Photographer with us, she pushes herself to the next level every single time, with every other project.

KIRTI - Photographer

A true North Indian at Heart, Kirti is our social butterfly, I mean, literally. I call her my "Bride" girl, she creates exotic Bridal Portraits, a true specialist. I therefore, almost always assign her the task of creating them. Kirti is also highly creative, one can only infer by the fact that she is a student of Photography Design at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.