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Wedding Photographers in Mumbai

We are not merely Candid Wedding Photographers and Cinematographers, but highly trained Documentary Photographers and Film Makers from Mumbai who bring to you the best of your wedding through the most precious and beautiful moments captured, lasting you a lifetime. For everyone, their marriage ceremony passes away in a blur and they barely remember the numerous rollercoaster of emotions felt that day. And these are the moments you never want to forget – that’s where we come in!

Bringing to you our team of Finest Documentary Photographers and Film Makers who go beyond Candid Photographers and understand the importance, sensitivity and the emotional quotient of the bride and groom and their families on the wedding day and accordingly navigate and consume them to get the best shots. Our photography style is natural, emotive and elegant. When you see our pictures, we want you to be delighted; smile wide, maybe shed a tear or two and discover moments you didn’t see on your special day!

Our Services Include

    • (1) Documentary Wedding Photography where our every picture tells a story.
    • (2) Documentary Wedding Films, which will, in a snapshot take you through your wedding capturing every emotion and every reaction in the form of a breathtaking and stunningly beautiful film that you will cherish forever and
    • (3) Our most favorite – the Intimate Portraits. We capture the essence of new love, the happiness of the present, the promise of the future and everything in between!

As an experienced team of wedding photographers in Mumbai, we are certain that through our pictures and film, you will relive every moment and memory of your most special day and even discover many!

Say Cheeesee: Candid Wedding Photography for You

To us each wedding is a fairy tale that has its own loving vibe and vibrant style that comes alive. When it comes to capturing the essence of these precious moments, we are the leading Candid photographers in Mumbai. For us each marriage is a special celebration and we love to capture them in stunning frames, winning you many compliments and big bunch of memories for lifetime.

We love the city and know all the secret and amazing nooks and corners, some famous some lesser known; but all of them absolutely exquisite for your pre-wedding shoots. In this cosmopolitan city we have covered weddings across cultures from Punjabi to Maharashtrian to Gujarati to Kashmiri to South Indian to Christian to Muslim to Rajasthani to everything. Over these weddings, we have realized the underlying emotions and love is absolutely same everywhere just expressions are different and we excel in capturing them beautifully.

If you are looking for best candid photographers in Mumbai your wedding, you have come to the right website. We give end to end candid photography solutions in Mumbai. Right from pre-wedding shoot to candid clicks during your special day all through the ceremonies. Destinations wedding shoots are our personal favourite to bring your fairytale story come alive on beautiful canvas.

We know how special a marriage day is and all the anxiety it could come with; with us on board you will have not have to worry about photography at least. As our team will be present at every ceremony ensuring all special clicks are captured and we are always right on time bubbling with energy.

So contact us and let’s get candid!

Our Wedding Photography Services

Documentary Wedding Photography

Ask yourself a simple question, What is a Document? Anything that explains a certain event, or happening. When you write it on paper, it becomes a "document" describing that event or happening, agreed? "That document" is our Photograph! We describe your happiness, your celebrations with our Document..Our Photograph…Our Art! So,how is it different than Candid Photography?

Documentary Wedding Film

Cinematography is fairly new in India, yet growing fast, while there are couples who know what Cinematography is, there are still many who need a clear understanding. In simple words, just like there are traditional and Candid Photography, there are traditional(long, monotonous) videos and Cinematography. So, what is the difference?

Intimate Portraits

By far, this is my favourite section! Why? Because with the advent of outdoor couple shoots, many many photographers have abused this the most, creating hilarious photographs using various unnecessary and superflous props. Perhaps there was one photographer who created a gorgeous photographs using a few props…and the rest merely followed without putting their creativity and named it Pre-Wedding! We love to throw it open to you always, ask yourself a question again… What is most important between you and your fiancé?

Wedding Portfolio

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